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At Kemonai, our journey began with a passionate vision to revolutionize the world through AI. Established in 2021, our founders envisioned a future where technology and human ingenuity come together to solve the most pressing challenges of our time.
Over the years, Kemonai has grown into a hub of innovation, where we have continually pushed the boundaries of what AI can achieve.




Kemon GPT

One platform to generate all AI contents & AI Voiceovers

We have trained our AI Chat Bots with the knowledge of industry experts and conversion experts so you can be sure it knows how to do its job and answer all your questions instantly and provide requested information.

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Manage and Monitor Your Inventory from Anywhere, Sell Everywhere

Seamless online store integration is at the core of Smartsella. Say goodbye to the headaches of managing separate inventories for your physical and online stores. With Smartsella, you can effortlessly synchronize your inventory, centralize order management

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Your Trusted Cloud Messaging Platform

Zigatext is a cloud messaging platform for mass SMS, phonebook contact services, auto pilot birthday messaging and lots of other exciting functionality.

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Kemon AI Chatbot

Seamlessly blend AI into your operations, fueling your business's growth and freeing you to focus on core objectives.

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Build a Strong, Reliable and Effective Human Resource Management System with ScaleUp

ScaleUp is one of the most effective solutions for employee management. Any organization's most valuable asset is surely its employees. This tool would aid in increasing productivity by assisting you in efficiently managing your personnel. This tool is simple to use and suitable for organizations of various sizes.

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If you need someone to help you explore generative AI, build and deploy capabilities across your organization, Kemonai can help.